Wednesday, July 30, 2008

McDonald's - It's Official

It's official. We are officially boycotting McDonald's. We have been ever since their first step into the controversial issues they support OPENLY. Now, the AFA has officially announced the boycotting of this company that has always claimed to be a family friendly restaurant.

Because I am a Christian I cannot support such a company that so openly flaunts this pro-homosexual agenda. Flaunting is enough to make me and my family boycott this company; but, when confronted with this issue McDonald's came back with that "h" word. The word that everyone loves to throw around when things don't go their way. waaaaaa...

I'm accused of hating these people because I believe the agenda they are trying to cram in my face is sinful. I'm a Christian. I believe the Bible. Sin is sin no matter what little happy words we use to try to cover up the fact that it's still sin.

I do not agree with the agenda. I will not support a company that openly promotes the agenda. This is my right. Just because I refuse to buy a Big Mac or a Happy Meal does not mean I am full of hate. I don't hate those people.

I do pray that God will have mercy on them and open their eyes to the truth.

The agenda and what it is pushing for is sinful and an abomination (KJV for disgusting - God's words - take it up with HIM). But, the people who are fighting so hard to make us all believe their way is the only right way; these people have a soul. A soul that is loved by God. A soul that no Christian can hate. That soul is loved and prayed for by many Christians.

That, my friends is biblical love.

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Wayne from Jeremiah Films said...

Glad to see that you are getting the word out ... linked to your post from McDonalds Homosexual Advocacy Increases - Now Funds Pride Parade