Monday, August 25, 2008

Dear McDonalds,

Well, McDonald's, I suppose you're feeling pretty smug about your latest slap in the face to the Christian families in the US. Go ahead and revel in your glory and pat yourself on the back for your supposed "job well done". Then while you congratulate yourselves and celebrate your supposed victory, grab yourself a Happy Meal and take a look at some considerations you may have missed.

Have you considered that by promoting the Homo- lifestyle you are also promoting disease and death? What? Do you have an agenda to wipe out the whole homo population with your support? Because according to statistics (from CDC ) in the year 2006 there were 17,804 male homosexuals reported cases of AIDS in the US. {I'm not including drug users or high risk heterosexuals for the purpose of making a simple point.} That same year there were 13,968 adults and adolescents DEATHS from AIDS. It seems to me that to promote a lifestyle such as this would be to promote disease and death.

Then you should consider this little point. I personally have 4 wonderful children who will grow up and will also boycott McDonald's. You have shown that my family's boycott of your business has had no impact on your decision to support the Homo--- agenda. OK. But, my 4 children will grow up and get married. Then there will be 8. Then they will prayerfully be blessed to have children of their own. Let's say they each have at least 2.... so now there's 16 people who are buying Whoppers and no Big Macs. So you think 16 isn't all that many. I'm not the only Christian who has chosen to boycott your business. Did you realize there are an estimated 224,437,959 Christians in 2004? Of course not all of them are Conservative. So I'll take one group - Churches of Christ. In 2004 it was estimated there were 3,659,483 members of the Church of Christ. Some may not be faithful or maybe not even aware of your promoting this lifestyle so let's round off to an even 3,000,000. Suppose those 3,000,000 have 2 children... we're up to 9,000,000 now. There are also Baptist (47,744,049), Catholics(71,796,719), etc. many of which are against the homo- lifestyle. And their children will have children and so on. You get the idea. The Christian group is multiplying.

On the other hand the group you are promoting are... well... let's just say they aren't multiplying. God made man and woman to be THE way to multiply (reproduction,create new know...babies). Men were not created to reproduce with other men and women were not created to reproduce with other women. That's just plain facts. You may choose to ignore those facts; but there will not be any "multiplying" going on. According to these statistics there were approximately 4,300,000 homese*uals in the year 2000. Admittedly we are comparing the year 2000 here with the year 2004 in the above paragraph. These were the most consistent numbers I found. So there is over 4,000,000 in the group you are promoting. After you factor in the obvious lack of multiplying (new life created) and sadly the deaths from disease..... The actual number of customers is obviously going to decline.

The general idea here is that you as a huge business are promoting and wooing a group of people that is substantially smaller than the christian family group to whom you have historically advertised. Our current boycott has not impacted your decisions and you remain strong. However, from a business stand-point are you sure you are making wise decisions?

My 4 children already know why we boycott McDonald's and wouldn't think of stepping foot in your place of business. Ever. How many other christian children are being raised in like manner?
If you continue on at the rate at which you are going now who will purchase your Happy Meals in about 10 or so years?

Might be something to consider...... after all it has been the average, middle-class, conservative families who have been your bread and butter all these years and made you the giant fast food industry you are today. We technically don't need you, but where will you be in a few years without us?

Friday, August 01, 2008


English Standard Version

1 Timothy 6:6 Read This Chapter

Now there is great gain in godliness with contentment,

English Standard Version

Philippians 4:11

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Not that I am speaking of being in need, for I have learned in whatever situation I am to be content.

Dear Lord in Heaven, please help me to see all of Your blessings in my life and to be content. I have so much that You have blessed me with and yet I still find myself desiring more. You have taken care of all of my needs (and the needs of my family) and then heaped blessings on top of that. Thank you so much! And, please forgive me for always searching and wanting more. Lord, help me to learn contentment. In Jesus blessed name I pray, Amen.